Scott Rhodius is a Photographer based in the Greater Los Angeles Area and a Pacific Union College graduate where he passionately studied towards obtaining his Bachelors in Fine Art degree in Photography.

Rhodius focuses his creative energy on photos that are organic, candid, timeless, and clean. Paying close attention to detail, aesthetic, and connection. His focus is fashion, lifestyle, and product photography. Drawing inspiration from simplicity, minimalism, and straight photography. Scott believes in doing the most with what is at hand, creating images that have a mood worth sharing.

Client List:

     Obey                                                Fuct
           Vlone                                           Stampd LA
       Akomplice                                      Xtra Kredit
      Daniel Patrick                                  Lukevicious
        Highsnobiety                                  Nature World
                  Trees by The Game                      Santana Social Club            Chinatown Market                               Knight Co 

        Modernica                                      Malbon Golf




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