The Land of Many Waters

Sweating is a lifestyle

Guyana, a small South American country where my family calls home is also known as the land of many waters. While many view Guyana as a tourist destination, observing the people living there, from an insider’s perspective, one quickly realizes that sweating is a part of their lifestyle.

In this project I chose to focus on my roots in Guyana by pairing portraits of my hardworking family members alongside the tools of the trades they practice, or practiced while living in Guyana. Just like the many multicultural people who are native to Guyana, My family is united with its country through the ambition to work as hard as possible in order to progress together and provide for those they care for. No matter the trade, they are unified in their persistent diligence in order to earn the pleasure of living life blissfully.

Rasmussen Art Gallery

Pictured from left to right:

Grandma | Seamstress 

Aunty Verlene | Baker

Grankie | Seamstress

Aunty Madeline | Farmer

Faye Faye | Farmer

Uncle Flavio | Boat Maker

Papa | Lumberjack

Mom | Banker

Uncle Vernon | Gold Miner

Dad | Gold Diver

Photographs were made in:

Georgetown, Guyana

Pomeroon-Supenaam, Guyana

Loma Linda, California

GrandTerrace, California

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